Commercial Projects

SODAA has been working in the commercial sector designing interior layouts, furniture and lighting for offices and shops.  This is small portfolio which SODAA intends to grow in collaboration with fit-out consultants and suppliers.

SODAA’s office has been conceived as an open space that offers flexibility for a number of business to operate separately and collaboratively.  Our tenants’ businesses are, in some way, compatible with the practice of architecture and the office continues to be successful in its diversity, offering a dynamic environment that is design conscious.

The Swanline Group new office is the latest of such projects.  The challenge for that project has been one of providing a new direction for the younger generation of a family business, by way of creating a more contemporary image for the company, having shifted from a ‘cocoon like’ traditional environment to a more exiting one in Subiaco.

SODAA aims at providing an architectural design service that embraces the practical and the desired, hence the collaborations with companies such as Maxinterni who, with other local consultants, offer the best workmanship to do with Interior Design.