About This Project

Pro Bono Design by:
Daniela Simon @ SODAA &
Sarah Primusz

3D Rendering by:
Mark Parsons &
Laura Hejleh

This unbuilt project has been conceived in collaboration with the Winjan Corporation in Mandurah for new headquarters to add to the existing . It is part of a series of pro bono work Daniela Simon is offering but it is very much based on the principles of cultural participation and exchange rather than on a design service proper.

The design team and the architects involved in the production of the renders have offered their talents and time in the hope that the Winjan corporation may actually be able one day to have their own cultural centre.

It is based on the need of providing a centre for young and old and the design encompasses a variety of usage for the same spaces. The basketball court can also be a cinema and a theatre and/or a hall for general activities. The court/hall may be for hire and offer much needed revenue. The offices can be training centres or after school activities spaces for adults and students. The existing headquarter may become the dining room. The site may offer traditional camps fires and bush tucker/medicine gardens. This is just the beginning….

Community Centre, Unbuilt Work