Bremer Bay

About This Project

Bremer Bay Holiday House (commendation 2006)


  • The West Australian @006 AIA Awards Special 2006
  • Insite (Scoop Winter) 2006
  • The Sunday Times Magazine 21-01-07
  • AR (Issue 099) 2007
  • Habitus 01
  • House (Issue 55) 2008
  • Barbara Cappochin Foundation – Best Works2008
  • Contemporary Beach Houses Down Under 2008

…‘The challenged of creating quality architecture there (in Bremer Bay) invites one to imagine ways of building and living along the Great Southern Ocean that make the most of this distance. Unlike the McMansions crowding coastal regions nearer to Perth the architect’s family beach house is a modest, thoughtful response to both activities, while its design and detailing have resulted in a genuine retreat rather than a statement of affluence.… The design can be read as a measure of changing attitudes towards native landscapes…. (William Taylor for Habitus)

Interior Design, Residential