Ancillary Housing

About This Project

We propose a transportable house that can be purchased by a client who wishes to invest in a temporary solution to accommodate elderly parents or young family at close proximity on their home lot.  We call it ‘Transitional House’) as it may be removed and sold when the need for additional and independent space ceases.  SODAA taps into those planning regulations that allow for the building of Ancillary Dwelling and propose a product for the Western Suburbs in Perth and/or for tourist accommodation anywhere in the state.  SODAA have developed two types of design, one as a ‘Top Model’ with all the luxuries and a simplified version to fit more modest budgets.

We envisage that large blocks of land with good access may be ideal to locate this luxurious small home and it offers an alternative to constructing additions to existing houses.   The transitional home aims at satisfying temporary needs and at providing quality spaces by upgrading the idea of ‘Granny Flat’ to ‘Garden Home’.  The user will experience that the space designed by Sodaa will feel superior to what is normally expected in this type of accommodation.  Great care has been put towards achieving an innovative product.   This home consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom/laundry and a living/kitchen area that aims at being very well connected to a garden.  To achieve this objectives SODAA are proposing a home-made of two parts that can be configured differently according to the size of the land, the access and the orientation.  The exterior finishes can change to blend in with the existing surroundings.

If used in National Parks, as an example, it can be adapted for the requirement of a ranger by providing an open living space and an office. Alternatively, it can accommodate tourists at a higher level of luxury that is currently available, generally in WA.  Our model aims at using a ‘passive house’ technology to reduce energy usage to a minimum and provide a high level of comfort.  The home can collect solar energy, rain water and recycle it for different uses. The fixtures and the finishes can be determined by the client and their needs especially if elderly people and their carer were the users.  The final benefit for this transitional home is that it can be relocated and sold, though installing it and removing it, still requires planning approval and demolition permit respectively.

SODAA is committed to the idea of increasing density in our ever-expanding suburbia, to enriching communities that maintain mixed use and mix generations, though the use of our Transitional House. The architect’s alternative to the old ‘Granny Flats’ is a small and elegant building that can be let or relocated and can be a truly energy passive house.

Interior Design, Residential