Interior Design

Interior Design

Eastern Influence on interior design

I have just returned from Bali where I went to research interior design in luxury hotels to see what everybody carries on about. ;p

Was I blown away? Yes … and no.

I specifically went to see the W, the Bulgari (pictured above) and the 4 seasons Hotels and all were very beautiful indeed. Each site is very different – the beach front, the cliffs and the tropical forest. The forest is the perhaps the most pleasant and challenging for an interior designer (and architect). I was very impressed with the quality of the finishes and how spaces were defined by groups of colour and types of furniture.

Interior and Exterior Design

It goes without saying that the merging of interior design and exterior determines the mood and in Bali landscape design is particularly important because the line that separates the two often does not exist. The part that did not blow me away is what happens outside the world of luxurious hotel holidays. It was more that it saddened me. These quarantined destinations are like islands of pleasure that do not engage with the surrounding world at all. This deserves a separate post and more reflection on my part.

Interior Design Trends

Interior design is very much tied to ‘trend’ and it is interesting to think about how a trend starts and when it becomes tired and surpassed. Colours, fabrics, patterns and furniture plus all the accessories, or what some people prefer to call ‘decoration’, live a life that depends a lot on the masterstroke of the designer. What we call timeless might have a huge money value for the client and, together with the landscape design, make a package that may remain fresh and elegant for a long time. ‘Trend’ is a difficult thing to manage or to follow with confidence and I admire those designers who create new ones.

Is interior design like fashion design?

Interior design is like fashion design and the creation of new ideas and new colour combinations go hand in hand with what may lie beneath the surface of one’s idea of elegance and comfort at a particular moment in time. If a designer manages to unleash her idea, thereby creating the vehicle for which the fantasy manifests, then we have a successful trend and perhaps a long lasting one.

Colour and the quality of products used in the design

Using quality products is the obvious answer to many an interior landscape but what about colour?

We think it comes down to harmony and good spatial planning, good architecture and good bones so to speak. We also think the answers that may arise from the inner-world of our creativity is never finite. Interior design work is dynamic. It’s constantly renewable, aiming for the element of surprise that comes with good design. This presents a challenge but provides the basis for great fun. Get the interior design right and the rest should follow.





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