Feng Shui & Design

Feng Shui & Design

SODAA now provides a full Feng Shui design service which includes a reading according to the principles of harmony and prosperity fostered by the Feng Shui discipline.

Practical Feng Shui

I have always believed that Eastern metaphysics and Western lifestyle may be not be in harmony with each other unless one has a Chinese ethnic background or lives “in the East”. I thought that forcing two such diverse philosophies and meshing them into one may even be dangerous for the mental wellbeing of a person who is seriously wanting to be connected to the environment she lives in.

I have reviewed my thinking because during my professional journey of dealing with designed spaces both private and professional I have encountered the mysteries of the cannot quite put my finger on it. This has both unsettled and fascinated me. When all look perfectly functional and generally good on paper or even in the built form and yet something is not quite working out: it is challenging to work out what is the origin of the doubt.

Feng Shui & Interior Design

As a designer for interiors and for custom built homes in particular I generally relay on my experience and on my instinct to organise a space according to how the client wishes to use a space aiming for the unexpected that might bring delight and playfulness into the daily routine. And yet sometimes, when all is accounted for, I find that the space may not flow as expected, even though it looks very satisfactory. Sometimes it feels slightly jarring or people use a different space than envisaged, by naturally gravitating to it. And this is when I ask the question ‘what is going on here?’ and fell very surprised sometimes positively so.

Feng Shui & Interior Design

All of us hear stories about how good or how creepy a house or a room feels and we all find an explanation. It might be the colour or a history that seems to stick to the walls. But do we know how to improve / change / or enhance it?

I hear reports of how Feng Shui has changed people’s daily life and over the years I have relaxed my views about introducing foreign modus operandi. So I am embracing it.

I am still in training and what I find rather challenging is that no Feng Shui reading can be scientifically proven yet it has a science / discipline of its own much like other Eastern philosophies. It won’t be my new religion but I find it fascinating and worth considering.





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