Architectural Services

Architectural Services

Practising architecture is based on a passion for trying to make our inhabited world better and, for me at least, it has panned out nicely. I get to design solid, environmentally friendly homes for discerning clients. While that sounds easy, it is a complex task because it deals with realising another person’s dreams and aspirations. In most cases, the making of that beautifully designed dream home often surpasses the budget.

My place as an Architect

My job is not to provide basic shelter but to interpret what clients tell me they want and then figure out how to best deliver it. Over the years I have also worked on commissions that have made me feel privileged. The opportunities they presented enabled me to develop a good approach to design and service as well as giving me a home of my own (on which I worked as project developer).

So far my profession has been rewarding and relatively problem free – although solving architectural and design problems is at the very core of what I do.

I try to focus on people’s lifestyles, on the characteristics of the building site as well as on our Perth climate. It’s often a matter of trying to maintain a sense of elegance in building design coupled with sophisticated spatial layout.

Lately, I’m reconsidering both my architectural and general design work.

Ecological building

I’m particularly interested in the path toward more intense sustainable living. This entails using a totally new selection of materials and architectural approaches. All this experience is adding to my current knowledge of solar passive design. To these ends, I am working with Green Gurus and eTool Consultants. The two organizations work at the forefront of sustainable living practices and I am very much looking forward to collaborating with such enthusiastic young teams of experts in the pursuit of a lower carbon footprint in architecture and within my own practice.

I have come full circle, starting with formal training (which was and still is inspired by the idea of how low income houses can be excellently designed) and going forward, now aiming for a balance between sophistication, affordability and ecological awareness. The cost of energy is on a steep increase and it is not just the house bills we have to pay, or (in my industry at least) the increasing cost of building materials but we now also must examine how much energy a building’s material needs in order to be produced in the first place.

An invitation to wannabe builders

Clients I am inviting to join me are people who are genuinely interest in this shift – people who are already well-informed and who wish to know more. They also must be willing to consider their place in community and practice what is important in terms of the community itself and sustainable practices.

Whilst architecture as a service still stubbornly rests in the realm of the elite (for those who can afford it) I remain confident that it will soon be available to a larger part of the demographic.

This is my dream and the new focus of my practice. It’s partly based on the nature of what it means to invest in the future of our Perth – a city with a denser population coupled with an increasing demand for sensible housing and healthier communities.





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